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For more information, or for more information about my erotic fight comics (my Super Slam City work), please visit my images4sale. - - Please note that these are strictly 18+.

- Doctor Slam.


Hey guys. errr... I've NO idea what I intend to talk about in this journal.

I've been writing the Realms & Void book ( The Realms And The Great Void Beyond ) which documents all of the lore around my work. It's something I've set aside as a bit of a life's mission for me, and good fucking god I'm only fathoming now why I've put it off for so long.

It's complicated as shit, and breaking my brain with every passing paragraph.

This book was essentially supposed to document the workings of the Realms (afterlife - plural because there's one in every dimension) and the Void (the master Realm that connects all dimensional realms) and... y'know, even writing those sentences in brackets makes my brain hurt after sloshing out about 20 pages in an hour of all of this.

It was supposed to be a science-ficiton book written like a flat-out science book, but early into fully structuring the plan of the thing I realized that I had to hit it from a "religious" perspective, as in write it from the perspective that the fiction "is real" - which might seem obvious, I mean when writing fiction you always want to write it as if it's real, but this is kind of different, because it talks about "what happens when you die" and "we are all watched by General Backshank - every last one of us." - you try writing a deviously fictional mythology that (within the fiction) is real: you just can't do it without making it sound like some sort of religion.

The book explores a lot of elements about alternate universes, and how every death in Realms & Void sparks a brand new dimension, and how there are limitless dimensions with a limitless amount of the same people within it - documenting only "common appearances" of characters, noting rare alternative versions which have been occasionally sighted. (Example: Vizor Tyro is commonly seen depicted as a hulking amazon of the 27 Angelic race and is almost always a powerful goddess-like heroine, though rarely she has been known to be evil in some dimensions.) although the aforementioned example is not exactly how it would be written!

It documents some of the history of the Obsidian Planet that I've worked on for over 15 years now, so it's a massive combo of mythology, religion, science, history and many other facets of fiction. - Up until now I'm been mostly working with an erotica audience, so I don't exactly know how well the book will do, but if it was understood the enjoyment of all my work will be greatly enhanced for the viewer, so I figured it would be in my best interest not to charge for the book at all and offer it as a free download - although for special edition's sake, I'd like to get some hardbacks to sell at the cheapest possible price just for my own piece of mind. I love collectors pieces, and I love the idea of making some myself for my own work.

There's going to be a LOT of artwork in this book, but funnily enough I don't actually want to do the artwork myself. I want to gather lots and lots of funding and maybe commission someone to draw a bajillion pictures for me, and there's cool stuff to depict, I mean Mega Blue getting killed by some evil nasty call a "Nightmare Knight" doesn't sound bad does it? And that's just one of my bajillion!

But I know I can't fit it all in one book. For example, I think this book will just be the basics of Realms and Void - you think about Games Workshop game's books, it'll be like the "rulebook" of Realms & Void, and from there we can moves onto "codexes", like a race codex, location codex (for places like Slam City, Doviminium, Black Lake, etc..) and perhaps a hero codex, a villain codex and a cold codex. Although I won't call them codexes in case GW buggers me until I'm blue in the face: as they aaaare a little desperate these days. If you ask me they shouldn't have taken away the Noise Marines' guitars, that was the beginning of the end, poor bastards ;)

But of course, it's not easy making a free product that is incredibly expensive to make: so I guess I better get to freakin' work!

- Dr. Slam.


Doctor Slam
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello my friends! - Welcome to my Deviant Art page!

I am Doctor Slam, your guide through the bizarre world of the Realms and Void. – I hope you enjoy the artwork. – I make many different sci-fi indulgences, including standard sci-fi, comedy, erotica and much more. I have a store of sex-fight stuff if you're interested. I can't link you here because of Deviant Art's rules, but you can find a link to my store via my tumblr or twitter.


I love a good chat, so apologies if you ever send me a one-sentence comment and I respond with an almighty ramble or two!

Anyway, that's it from me for now, I look forward to reading your comments, and replying to your notes.

Keep slamming, amigos!

- Doctor Edgar Slam.

I, Dr. Slam, have decided to stop making fight erotica and use my 3D skills to instead follow my first true passion: making yoghurt commercials. Can I count on you, my loyal followers to follow me? 

4 deviants said You made Nano cry. STOP making Nano cry.
3 deviants said Hell yeah! Yoghurts are fucking awesome!! Nothing beats a mean motherfucking yoghurt!!
3 deviants said Look. This is obviously an April Fool’s joke, and not a very good one at that.
1 deviant said Can’t you at least compromise?! Like maybe nude wrestling in yoghurts?! You can call it YOG-HURTS.
1 deviant said *slowly stands up clapping and nodding faster and faster until everyone in the room is clapping – like what happens in the movies*
No deviants said No. I’m afraid this yogocity is both disgusting and immoral.
No deviants said Is THIS why Vizor’s skin is so white?! IS SHE A YOGHURT WOMAN?!
No deviants said Well, um, okay: but I’m calling you Dr. Lowfat from now on.
No deviants said I’m lactose intolerant – and people like you make me SICK.
No deviants said Will the Shemale Fight Club turn into the Shemale Fruit Corner Eating Club?


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