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- Doctor Slam.


…by the grace of god a new machine has been ordered and it’s on its way.

This tower computer makes my dying titan of a laptop look like a pile of flubber, and is kitted out as a gaming computer (because funnily enough, as a simplifying rule, those are the best machines for Daz Studio).

I’ll be getting the thing in about two weeks. This will mean big, big changes. Hauling my computer out of the year 2000 and into 2015 is not going to be easy. XP is going to be dropped, and I’ll be switching over to windows 7 (because I may be updating everything, but I’m not stupid – go to hell, windows 8.)

Hopefully I’m going to keep Daz Studio 3.1 as it’s my favourite version of the program, but if I have to upgrade to Daz 4 then so be it – though no doubt it will take some getting used to. A LOT of images and pictures used for textures are going to be copied over and located by Daz on the new system, but I’m excited about this, because given AAALL of the methods I’ve learned trying to squeeze every last ounce of speed and ability out of this knocked laptop are about to be applied to a brand new and modern system.

We’ll be looking at tag team matches, projects that I don’t have to cancel because the computer decides halfway through that it can’t do it, and much much more. – I’m slowly munching on Tyro Tribe part 3, but I honestly think I should wait until I get this new machine to finish it – because I reckon this new computer will easily be able to render an image of all 6 tribe members together without me having to use image-tricks like merging 3 renders with 2 characters each.

Uuuughhhhhhhh I’m so nervous about this. I’ve carved myself into this snugly little hole of XP and my Dell Precision and now that the Precision’s failing I’m looking around online computer store’s and realizing just how much I’ve gotta wise up.

I wanted Windows XP on this new machine either in full, or in part of the new drive, but I don’t know how hard that will be to do, don’t know if it will even be worth it, but ultimately, Daz Studio is the primary concern, and Daz still works on modern machines obviously, so I should focus on getting the hang of installing that, and learning how to copy all of my wonderful Daz clothes and content that I’ve collected and bought over the years from this platform, to the next. Good god I hope I can work it out.

I suppose if not I’ll still have this tired little hummingbird of a laptop hanging about, so he can always pick up the slack if I’m having difficulty talking vintage to a new computer fluent in modern.

Uhhh. I feel so old. “I don’t like change. Don’t put me in a home.” – I guess we’re about to learn who’s REALLY got the RoboFear around here!!

- Dr. Slam 


Doctor Slam
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello my friends! - Welcome to my Deviant Art page!

I am Doctor Slam, your guide through the bizarre world of the Realms and Void. – I hope you enjoy the artwork. – I make many different sci-fi indulgences, including standard sci-fi, comedy, erotica and much more. I have a store of sex-fight stuff if you're interested. I can't link you here because of Deviant Art's rules, but you can find a link to my store via my tumblr or twitter.


I love a good chat, so apologies if you ever send me a one-sentence comment and I respond with an almighty ramble or two!

Anyway, that's it from me for now, I look forward to reading your comments, and replying to your notes.

Keep slamming, amigos!

- Doctor Edgar Slam.

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4 deviants said Phooey (That's PHOOEY!!)
1 deviant said Hony Kong Phooey ( You're talking HONG KONG PHOOEY.)
1 deviant said Boloney. (the legend will never die.)
1 deviant said I Could Plough Ursula From Little Mermaid So Damn Hard. ( I am tired of you I COULD PLOUGH URSULA FROM LITTLE MERMAID SO DAMN HARDing me!! )
No deviants said Optimus. (same voice actor) ( WHAT A LOAD OF OPTIMUS. )
No deviants said Pepperoni. (I've never heard such PEPPERONI!!)
No deviants said Pastrami. (I don't wanna hear this PASTRAMI right now!)
No deviants said Wrongboob. (Don't shoot your mouth off with such WRONGBOOB.)
No deviants said Morton Downey Junior ( I'm tired of this MORTON DOWNEY JUNIOR. )
No deviants said Morton Koopa Junior ( I'm tired of this MORTON KOOPA JUNIOR. )


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JadeOwl Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
Thanks for the :+fav:
Realms-And-Void Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome J.O, t'was a great image!! Loved Sophia ever since I saw Lord Yama 42 draw her :)
HippyJon Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
Thanks for the watch, and sorry to hear of the problems you have with your laptop. Computers are wonderful things, but they can drive you round the twist sometimes!
lucky-stallion Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks very much for the watch, man. :D
Realms-And-Void Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome! - I absolutely adore your artwork sir!
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